Sian Ka'an - Punta Allen tour

If you love nature and enjoy watching wildlife this is the tour for you. Sian Ka’an means the place where heaven is born and it is a UNESCO World Heritage and a great place to visit.

You will start your adventure in Paso Lagartos where you will take a boat in the beautiful Ascension lagoon  where you can see different type of birds like sea eagles, frigates, jabiru storks, cormorant, pelicans and if you are lucky enough some manatees. Then you will head where the lagoon and the ocean meet, that is the place in which you will see many dolphins. After this you will sail a little bit into the ocean to watch big sea turtles. Afterwards you will be taken to a section of the second longest reef in the world where you will do some great snorkeling watching all kind of beautiful fish and sea life. After this activity I will take you to a beautiful crystal clear shallow area of the sea just to relax and have some beers, sodas or water. Finally you will be having a delicious lunch in Punta Allen town.