How to pay?

  1. Enter to the 'Booking' tab.
  2. Below the name of the tour there is a pull-down menu, open it and choose the price according to the number of people who will assist. But always remember that the price of the tour that is shown is per person.
  3. After you have done that, press the 'Booking' button, and two option will appear in the screen. Choose the 'Pay' button.
  4. When you press the pay button, it will take you to the shopping cart. On this page will appear the tours that you have chosen.
  5. But the important part, this one where it says 'Number', this part you will have to edit So that there is the number of people who assist the tour, so that the price is modified.
  6. Then if you want to put a note there will be a small section to do it before the continue button. When you have typed it (optional), press the 'Next step' button.
  7. This button redirects you to a screen where you will have to fill some fields, some mandatory (which will be marked with an asterisk *) and others optional. You will also have a second chance to write a note.
  8. Then press the button 'Next step'. And there will be a page that says 'Choose payment option', in this there will be two options 'PayPal' or 'Local Pickup'. Choose one of these, and press once again on the 'Next step' button.
  9. This step is only for those who chose PayPal. By choosing this payment form, you will be redirected to PayPal. When you complete all the required information, you will return to this page to conclude the order.
  10. To finish, after pressing the button, or have paid in PayPal, will be taken to a confirmation page. In which the details of your purchase will come, and under these there will be a button that says 'Confirm' or 'Confirm payment'.