Chichen Itzá tour

Come to Chichenitza and visit the amazing Kukulcan pyramid right in the middle of this impressive archeological site in the state of Yucatán, Mexico. It was recently discovered this pyramid was built above a huge Cenote (sinkhole) making the construction of this building a real feat. You can not miss visiting and knowing the history of this marvelous Mayan Toltec city.  You will also visit other impressive buildings like the biggest prehispanic ball court in America,  the great Planetarium, the Venus Platform and many other temples.

Near Chichenitza, there are some wonderful refreshing Cenotes which are like an Oasis in the middle of this jungle, here you will be able to swim and snorkel and relax in the pristine waters of these natural swimming pools.

Finally we are going to visit the beautiful colonial town of Valladolid where you will get to know more of the real Mexico, visiting old churches, markets, etc. This is also a great place for shopping pretty handicrafts or delicious chocolate.